Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Checking in....

How was your weekend? We spent some of it at our land, it ended up being really nice weather with no rain, which I prefer when I am camping. We went to our towns 2 minute parade which is a tradition in our family. My aunt lives on main street in our town so we eat breakfast with her and then go out to watch the parade in her front yard. It is amazing how good a breakfast of eggs and toast tastes especially when you didn't have to make it! The parade is really sweet and short. A marching band (that I used to be in) a few fire trucks, vets, scouts, candy and all of the good stuff. Then we have another tradition on the SAME day and that is a picnic at my Moms house. All in all it was a good weekend.

On a crafty note, I made two skirts with the Sew What Skirts book. It is definitely a learning process for me, I am learning more about my machine, and style I like on me. I don't like the second skirt on my bod, too full, so you won't be seing a pic of that on me. Also remember this post well I have been wearing this necklace a lot lately and getting TONS of compliments, from everyone, perfect strangers, friends and family members. It is so great to say, "I made it." My ego is being stroked! :-)

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