Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lilac Festival

Pansy Bed at Lilac Festival
Lilacs on Hill
More Lilacs On Hill!!!
First roller coaster ride shared with a friend!!!!

We have a fantastic festival here in Rochester NY called the Lilac Festival and even Martha Stewart paid the festival a visit, last year! It is a wall of gorgeous lilacs on a hill and it smells so WONDERFUL, they even have a perfume now to match, no joke! Last week we went thanks to the motivation of meeting some friends there, had it not been for that I am not sure we would of made it. In retrospect is was a lot of fun!!!! DH listened to the blues lady and we went and took the kids on some kiddy rides. The only thing I missed out on was the kettle corn, ran into some people and they said the wait was 45 min. long, no thanks not with a three year old, I don't need it that bad, to wait that long, in a line with a three year old, I do have my head screwed on straight ya know.


Mary Ann said...

I ran into the same problem with the kettle corn :(
Is that John with A.?

Anonymous said...

there will be more kettle corn at future festivals, I bet if we tried hard enough we could figure out how to make this at home, did you know that I still pop mine the old fashioned way on the stove!?


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