Friday, May 23, 2008

sew what

OK I have been waiting and waiting for this book as I had it on hold. I finally got it and I have been a bit obsessed. I made a pattern for an A-Line elastic waist band skirt to fit me (picked this one because it is one of the easier type to make, when I get good I may tackle one with pleats and so on), after taking my measurements I plugged it into the formula in the book. Then made my pattern with DD hanging on my leg, ok not literally but kinda sorta. Then DH gets home from work and he is technical and has all the right tools for drafting and what not so WE made another pattern together and it came out real nice and about the same size as mine.
This is what it looked liked cut out, it looked WAYYYYYY toooooooo BIG!!!!! I couldn't figure out why!!!! I even looked online to see if someone else had the same problem and sure enough someone did. Go here:
I had to cut off 13 inches on both sides a total of 26 inches!!!!! How did I figure out to do that you ask, well I re-read the book at dinner and it said before you sew the waist band casing, which is were the elastic goes to try it on and see how it fits. So I did and I pinned each side and made sure I could still get it on over my hips.
This picture above shows how big my pattern is to the finished skirt and the pattern is only suppose to be a fourth of the skirt. I may now work backwards and make a pattern from my finished skirt.
SEW gratifying to make something that fits me well!!!!!! This could get addicting!!! Guess what I used home dec. fabric since that was what I had lying around, I thought that this would just be my practice piece but I actually really like it!!!! DD may get a matching one out of the left over part I cut off!!!!

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