Thursday, March 27, 2008

Whole week gone by....

Has it really been since last Sunday for my last blog post? Where has the week gone? Well let me share a little with you...
My Nights:
Mon - Taught Jewelry 2 at JoAnns
Tues. - One free night I had, spent with A. and put her to bed
Wed. - We had our MOPS meeting and we painted glass plates and they turned out AWESOME!
Thurs. - Tonight A. had her dance recital, what a trip and a half to watch three year olds dancing on a stage with real lights and curtains too.
Fri. - I am having a Tastefully Simple party. I have about 12 people coming to my house tomorrow night for a taste testing party.
Sat. Am - I am going to Make and Take and we are making meals for and with a pregnant friend. Should be fun.
So yah it has been a busy week albeit a fun one.

What have I been doing craft wise? Well the painting a plate was VERY fun. In fact it was so much fun that I think I might want to start a new craft endeavor! haha. However I have been working on a serious side of my business this week, in all of my spare time, literally. I have been trying to figure out how to take REALLY good pictures of my crafts so that I can start an shop. And so I can have better photos on my blog as well. I have a new found respect for people with blogs that have awesome photos. The whole photo taking is an art in and of itself. I found a great blog tutorial which has been helping me a lot. Plus I LOVE the sense of humor this person has. It's been slow, I want the results right away, but it is coming along.

What has Dear Hubby been doing? Well he in literally all of his spare time, finished building his second guitar!!! I have an affinity for this one. I love the all wood look and he now has a name plate that a guy at work made for him - very cool I might add! That is GOLD POLYMER CLAY inlay FOLKS, DH and I figured out how to do that!!!!

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