Saturday, March 22, 2008

Scissors Dress...

Today we have Easter activities going on at our household. First A. went on her VERY first Easter Egg Hunt this morning put on for our town by the Kiwanis Club. It was really well done and very nice. It was FREEZING though. I brought a hat and DH was getting cold and didn't dress for the weather so I gave him my hat. We got to see the Easter Bunny. DD didn't want her picture with EB though, she is still a bit afraid of characters whom are dressed up.

Easter Egg hunt next to a snow bank, hmmm, is Spring in the air???? Yes she has her snow pants on too!

It took 2 min. for the kids to get all the eggs and 3 minutes for everyone to get back in their cars.

Every single egg had a bag of jelly beans in it, I was kinda disappointed as I am not a jelly bean fan :-)
I turned around and just thought "OH MY!"
I made the Apple Pie Pastries for Easter dinner dessert. It is the recipe in the current Taste of Home magazine, which my MIL got me a subscription to. I also made the coleslaw for the second time for Easter dinner as well, it is sooooo yummy, it is a non mayo recipe. This time I also used a mix of Splenda/sugar blend, so it is not too much calories and sugar etc. It tastes just as good, I love the toasted sesame seeds in it too. Now the baking of the Apple Pie Pastries took me a LONG time! Although the magazine says it will take 40 minutes. Maybe it was because a three year old helped me with the first part of the process. I will say that it was worth the time and effort they came out great and very very tasty!!!!! Can't wait to serve them for dessert tomorrow night. DD was off playing and WAIT till you see the results of Mom not paying much attention to what she was doing! She made herself a scissors dress (with all of my scrapbook scissors, I might add) on the clothing she was wearing.
Apple Pie Pastries, worth the work and fun to make.
Parchment paper, my new best friend! Saves my already downhill baking sheets from more agony. :-)

What are my scrapbooking scissors doing within her reach? Well I am reorganizing my craft room, remember Whoa Nellie, well it was time. So I pulled out all of my scrapbooking stuff and it came up to the dining room. You see the problem with my craft room is that it needs to serve many purposes not just one, such as scrapbooking, hey if I only had to fill one craft that would be EASY, oh no I can't do that though, I need to have Polymer Clay, Jewelry Making, Rubber Stamping, Paper crafting, and scrapbooking, and sewing. But I pulled out sewing for now too. I am really happy with the results so far, I am organizing and I am going to be getting rid of storage bins etc that I don't need anymore. I would post a pic, but you may not see the progress since some parts still look messy even though that is just my interim way of organizing. I LOVE organizing it helps me remember what I have, what I need etc. Also my scrapbooking was infiltrating all parts of the room, somehow! Now I am working on clay stuff. I've decided that I want to open an ETSY shop too, so that has been on my mind as well. The organized craft room should help me in that endeavor.

Update: Upon further inspection of the 'scissors dress' shirt there are holes in it, they are minor, however guess where I got the shirt? Goodwill! It was worth the moment :-)

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