Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun

Please shine down on me.... There is nothing like a 66 degree day in MARCH in Rochester, New York, with a little snow to play with. DD is playing with snow and has her coat off - poor girl she was so confused!

Our little ice/snow pack. Today it is 33 again and they are forecasting possible ice storm tonight. This is the 1991 anniversary of that ice storm too, so people are up in arms. However it is not doing ANYTHING outside.
Also yesterday in the mail there was a large envelope addressed to me and it was Ballerina Princess Cupcake print that I won! Ashley and I had a fun/sweet moment opening it. It was so cute to see her smile and laugh at it, she got it! Plus it is soooooo her right now, she loves wands, princess, ballerina etc. etc. Thank you Nikki! Thank you so much you made our day. I even went thrifting for a frame today but haven't found one yet. We can't wait to put it up in her room. She even wanted to see it again before she went to bed last night.
By the way, our family trip to Toronto is coming up this weekend!!!!

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