Thursday, March 06, 2008

O Canada...

Yes I am blogging from Canada, North York, Toronto to be exact. We got through customs is 5 minutes flat - a breeze no one was on the bridge over, our timing traffic wise was great. A little hairy when we got here though, we could see our exit but couldn't get to it, the divider was in the way - SOOOO, you don't just get off of the QEW and get back on easily, we somehow, by the grace of God, found a gas station on some side street and a taxi driver and a nice man came over to help us. The Taxi driver helped us out, he kind of led us there too - HOW NICE, there are some REALLY nice people in this world!!! We couldn't even tip him because we didn't have the chance to. Check in was good A. got a stuffed seal and grabbed it from the man at the front desk giving it to her, luckily he thought that was funny and she is still cute! My friend Paula was right this hotel is not bad, there are some fancy parts and the view from the room is neat. BUT when we got into the bathroom, I had to call the front desk and have housekeeping come a clean the bathroom right away. My daughter is toilet training and touches potty seats, so yah this needs to be done. John said parking our car was going to be 15 a day, well they called and let us off of the hook on that one due to the bathroom situation.

OK I am excited about something else too, I looked up free stuff to do. And for Canada they have March Break for the kids from school and many of the libraries are having activities for kids. Well "Music with Markus" is happening Saturday AM for free at a library on the same street. Well not only is it on the same street it is attached to this hotel and we don't even have to go outside to get there!!! There are shops and eateries attached too - yahoo!

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