Sunday, September 19, 2010

Money Saving Mom
I am determined to get this blog up and running again. I am picking it up and putting back on its own two feet. TONS of stuff to tell you about. I'll start with sharing a link. About 6 months or so ago a friend of mine told me about a website that is like a blog. It is ALL about SAVING money, using coupons to pay less for stuff, paying CASH for things (now there is a concept! :-) It would be safe to say that I have paid TONS of attention to the blog, I have a bunch of feeds to it on my igoogle. Here is the basic premise, this one lady runs this webiste, she and other bloggers post to her website ALL of the very BEST deals at all the stores in the whole entire country!!!! I think she has them ALL. I have feeds on my igoogle to Target, CVS specifically. With the economy the way it has been we figure this is a good time to pay attention to what we are doing with our money. So Money Saving Mom is the website that I am telling you about. You should really check it out, even if all you do is check out the supermarket you shop at weekly, then you will know the best deals to be had there. There are many more great things about the site but I'll save some of those for a future post.

Future posts:
Money Saving Mom's coupon database,
Lumberjack Festival (pictures to come, if I can remember.....ahhh it's like riding a bike right!)
Why I've been away from my blog for SOOOO long!

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