Monday, October 06, 2008

Metal Frame Tutorial

My MOPS group is going to decorate frames as part of the Adventures in Mothering theme, the Mom's are going to make a frame for themselves. The kiddos are going to make one too however theirs will be made out of the Foamies that are readily available at any craft store you visit.
I found these magnetic metal frames at Jo Ann's in the clearance section.
Buy paint that specifically says that it is for metal, this one did, if you read the bottle you can find out all sorts of nifty info on all of the different paints and same goes for the glues too. Buy some fashion jewels that have a flat back Learn from my mistake which is that my jewels are a bit too big for my frame and I actually have to go back to Hobby Lobby and buy the size down from 7mm, my 7mm only fit in the corners.
Take out the glass or plexiglass before you begin painting. Paint the metal frame and don't worry if you see lines in the paint it will dry nice.
Glue on your rhinestone jewels, mine isn't quite finished as I have to go pick up those smaller jewels I mentioned. And you will want to use a glue for metal to adhere the jewels such as E6000.

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