Saturday, October 04, 2008

Culinary Post...

These tomatoes all came from our vegetable garden in our back yard. This was our first year doing a veggie garden and I am really looking forward to doing it again next year. It is SOOOO incredibly easy to do. We used starter plants from a local farm market. We even have a resident bunny that left our crop alone. We did zucchini (just one plant, it produced a lot) and 4 tomato plants which was about right. We also did three pepper plants. And one yellow squash which didn't make it. I had to give all of the below tomatoes to my mother to make sauce with because I couldn't keep up. She in turn gave me 4 frozen boxes of sauce, can't wait to try it!
I love a good hot soup in the fall. I love the fresh apples from the farm market. And I will share a No Clam Clam Chowder Soup that is fun to make and to die for!!!!

No Clam Clam Chowder:
1 medium onion
3 Tblsp butter or margarine
1.5 cups chopped peeled potatoes (or if you are feeling really lazy get the white small round potatoes like I used in the photo and leave the skin on, just clean well)
1/2 cup water (sometimes more to cover potatoes to cook in)
1 can cream style corn
2 c. milk (I use skim and it still tastes yummy)
1tsp salt
pepper to taste
5 slices crisp fried bacon (optional - or you can use bacon bits)

Saute onion in butter. Add potatoes and water, cook covered 15 - 30 min until potatoes are softened. Add corn and milk and just heat until hot. Add salt and pepper and bacon if using. Enjoy!!!!

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