Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pink or not so pink...

On the eve of her fourth birthday my dear daughter wakes up in the morning and proudly announces that she no longer likes pink or princesses! Guess what type of party I am having for her and guess what color theme it is! Yup you guessed right pink and princesses. I did inform her that she will still be having this type of party. Anyhow.......I do want to share with you what I bought from Etsy for her princess party favors. She is having a very small party so I was able to get a few extra goodies. I bought the soap below from Arizona Soapworks on Etsy.

The favor bags, they are so cool, they are made of cloth and have strings that you pull and my daughter loves opening and closing them. I only ordered princesses ones plus a tinker bell one, the shop owner was so nice to mix and match for me. Her shop name is Samyol2000.

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